Mobile Phone Holder

Thousands sold! A successful kickstarter product.
360 degree – Phone Stand, Finger-ring-holder,
Car Air-vent mount, phone bracket

Design and Functionality

The Best Materials. Flexible. Affordable. Zero Compromises.

Bracket Stand

Hands off the phone while watching your favorite videos.

360 Degree Spin

Spin your phone while mounted on a car airvent, vertical or horizontally.


Make your phone easier to hold and less likely to drop.

Anti-slip Sawtooth

The serrated silicone gives firm hold to the air-vent of you car AC.


Three-in-one Design

We believe in versatility, which means this is not just a phone bracket or holder. Stand your phone on a table or any flat surface while to watch videos hands-free.

There is no magnet in this smart-phone car mount air vent universal holder, which is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic car mount holder due to its simple and complementary design.

Two conversion modes for phone holder and car mount holders. Your best choice ever!

Easy to Use

Multiple-angle Car Phone Mount

Designed with 360° Rotation and 90° Flip Folding. The mobile phone is horizontal/vertical freely rotating, flexible and adequate, which meets the requirements of different perspectives needs. This product will always ensure your smartphone is in your preferred location whenever you are talking, navigating, listening to music or watch movies.

Simple one-handed operating, easy to install on car vents in 10 seconds. Free your hands and make GPS and phone more convenient and protect yourself.

Built to Last

High Quality Materials

This product consists of a zinc alloy, a gear, a silicone serrated clip, the internal construction of gear is featured with eighteen gear snaps, which has largely guaranteed that the phone is in a very stable state from any angle, protecting your phone from road vibration or issue.

Unique silicone serrated clip design allows it to be mounted on car air vent for better GPS navigation. Adhesive can be firmly attached to the phone to prevent the phone from falling.

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